Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer with the Saints: St. Germaine

Today another homeschooling family joined mine for our first Summer with the Saints gathering as we learned and celebrated the life of St. Germaine. Her feast day was actually this past Wednesday (June 15th) but we still had fun with it!

Dear St. Germaine, you are now at the throne of God and you are known to help people who ask you for your prayers. Please ask God to protect me from my fears and to help me to lead a holy life the way you did. Help me to be patient and forgiving as you were. Amen.

St. Germaine lived in the late 1500's in France. She lost her mother as a young child, was very sick, and was also deformed. Her family neglected and abused her. At 9 years old, she was put to work as the family's shepherdess. Despite her hardships and the cruelty she faced by others, St. Germaine never missed a day of Mass in her life, prayed as she went about her work, even making a rosary for herself out of string, and loved God with all of her heart. She shared her love, as well as what little food she had, with the children she met in the fields, even though they mocked her at first. Then, miracles began to occur. Once, despite swollen river waters, she went to Mass and the water seemed to part from her as she walked across, finally arriving dry on the other side. Another time, her stepmother accused her of stealing and hiding bread in her apron. When her apron was opened, out fell beautiful flowers - and it was the middle of winter! Eventually those around her saw God's love pouring from her and they repented. St. Germaine died at the age of 22.

St. Germaine's story reminds us to not fear loneliness or mistreatment because God's love is enough for us. Seek God's love always and pass it along to others.

Here is a nice story written up about St. Germaine.

To celebrate the life of St. Germaine, the kids created a holy card to take home with them while listening to a very short story found in A Little Book of Saints, volume 6 as well as some other stories I found elsewhere. Then it was on to our craft activity: flower lanterns. The flowers were inspired by the apron of flowers from St. Germaine's life (the flowers were of unknown origin so your imagination is the limit!) and now come the middle of winter, the kids will have their own "light of Christ" to brighten a dark day.

Miss Bear's:



So pretty lit up!

We wrapped up our time together with a "flower" snack and play time on the playground. So much fun and looking forward to next week, for the Feast of St. Peter!

Optionally, you could color in this picture of St. Germaine. Or making a string rosary with knots like St. Germaine did would be a great activity for older kids.

St. Germaine, pray for us!

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