Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lego Mania: Robots

I tell ya, the kids are loving this Lego Mania. Slap on a fancy name and give it an official day/time and they are revved up like it's a party. And even more amazing is that between last week and this, the kids have been coming up to me telling me how they were going to make their robots this week and coming up with new ideas to try and build. I think they are really looking forward to kid's choice next week! Here are their creations for this week's "robot" theme:

Skipper's transformer. He's a robot and now...

He's a boat!

Skipper added more vehicles and boats.

J (age 5)

A (age 3)

Miss Bear's creation.

N (age 6)

Critter's transformer. It's a tank and now...

It's a robot.

A (age 10)

T (age 4) - he really liked last week's theme!

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