Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Official!

We are heading up to the hometown for a weekend visit. While there, we plan on finally sharing our news. At 12 weeks I already look 4-5 months pregnant so it should not take them too long to figure it out. Just in case though, DH and I came up with a cute t-shirt for me to wear. With the little one coming so close to the holidays (due date is January 4th), we thought it would be fun to treat it like a movie advertisment. You know how they always say, "coming this Christmas!" or "coming to a theater near you this holiday!"

Our initial attempt at making the shirt was awful. Apparently there is a backing you are to remove before ironing. However, the instructions only state that under the heat press section and not the hand iron one (which of course is what I was using). So I melted the paper and burnt the shirt. Oh, you should probably know I generally hate ironing; DH is the one who does it as needed.

When I figured out what I had done wrong, DH still wanted me to do a shirt. So off to the store I went again. I would have much preferred a colored t-shirt but I chose white because of the white background transferring from the iron on paper. This time we had difficulty printing the design but DH, computer guru that he is, saved the day. Finally, I did everything according to the directions + peeling the backing off and it worked. Except... the white part turned brown as apparently 20 seconds (directions again) was too long to keep the iron on. But we worked it out by spreading the brown as evenly as possible and now it looks somewhat like it was meant to be that way. Take a look yourself. It's not the prettiest but it will do.

The front. Aren't the birds cute?

The back.

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