Thursday, June 9, 2011

Game Review

Recently I purchased the Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction Game by Learning Resources for Skipper to practice some math skills in a fun way this summer. After enjoying The Ladybug Game so much in the past, I was pretty sure he would enjoy the new addition. Skipper not only enjoys it - he loves it! So much so he is playing every day, his adding and subtracting skills are faster, and he is learning about odd and even numbers!

The game comes with a very colorful, very cute game board that is extremely easy to follow. The game pieces are also darling and well-constructed to last and last (assuming they don't find themselves tucked in the couch or under the bookcase!). You can choose to be a snake, a frog, a snail, or turtle. To move ahead, you roll the included 3 die - two number die and one operation dice. Do the math, and on you go.

Skipper has played it with both his dad and I as well as Critter (he does the math for him and Critter counts out his spaces). He also will play it by himself by using all the characters and doing each roll and move for them.

A final bonus is that the game itself is short and sweet so I can easily play a quick couple of rounds before I'm needed elsewhere. For us, this was a really great buy and one I can pass down to the other kids.

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