Tuesday, February 20, 2018

AIP: Day 11

Awesome news! I weighed myself and I was down ten pounds! Ten pounds of inflammation. Wow. I knew my coat was looser, but it sure felt good to see that on a scale considering how impossible it is for me to lose weight.


Last July I exercised consistently (jazzercise), swam with the kids, ate great, and I lost half a pound. Half! Diet-wise, I've restricted calories (very slow weight loss movement that would be annihilated with my next cycle), went gluten-free with my celiac diagnosis (and did lose around 30 lbs before thyroid messed up and I gained it back and then some), and tried trim healthy mama. I did see promise with trim healthy mama, but some foods bothered me which is why I want to stick with the AIP. I want to know exactly what is bothering me so I can nix it.

Today I did not feel hungry, and I kept it light accordingly, especially with the vegetables.

Breakfast: rest of steak

That's it. Not hungry, had nothing else made, the morning was a late one (I could not wake up), and I needed food for a medication.

Lunch: avocado and plantain chips

Again, not exactly hungry, but was feeling a little nauseous and knew I should eat.

Snack: applesauce

Just a little something to hold me while dinner was cooking. I felt a bit light-headed and headachy, but spending time outside in some unseasonal nice weather did wonders for my mood.

Dinner: chicken and white sweet potato

I actually felt hungry. Unfortunately, reflux showed up an hour later.

Snack: chicken and mango

Only slight heartburn this time. Hopefully tomorrow is a bit better. On my way to half-way.

Monday, February 19, 2018

AIP: Day 10

Success today. I stuck to the plan. Honestly, the GI symptoms are flaring as they have done every time I try AIP. I feel so much better in so many other ways so this is super frustrating.

By the way, that cheat last night? I had to take Tums this morning from that. Definitely something should be out of my diet.

Breakfast: leftover salmon/pumpkin cakes with kale

The cat loved me. I was sooo tired this morning. I wanted coffee badly, but had a cup of green tea instead. It did nothing to help.

Lunch: leftover soup

Dinner: few bites of steak and apple

I felt slightly hungry but my stomach was hurting all afternoon. A few bites in I was full. Today is just going to be a light day.

Snack: few bites of steak and a mango

My stomach seems to be handling this better, and I actually feel a tad hungry. It is so close to bed so I will have some water instead which I need more of today anyway.

That's all for today.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

AIP: Day 8 & 9

I did too much yesterday.

It wasn't like I did a lot, but that the pace of the day was go, go, go. It was all for good and fun things (kids' basketball games, dinner and movie with my husband, and a quick grocery run). But still, it was too much for me yet.

How do I know? I went to bed with legs throbbing. I woke to a sore throat, and a body that felt it had been run over by a truck. Mid-day when I cleaned with the family's help, I was exhausted and breaking out in a cold sweat. Maybe it's a virus. Most likely it's just me.


Breakfast: salmon patties made with pumpkin and spices, kale, apple

Lunch: the same as breakfast but applesauce instead of apple

My stomach was feeling uncomfortable. I wasn't keen on having the same lunch as breakfast, but I was in a hurry and had no time to make anything else and was out of leftovers.

Dinner: sausage/root vegetable creamy delicious soup with some cassava flour "biscuits"

Soooo good. It was yummy and comforting. My husband and I were having a "date night." We were supposed to make a steak dinner and I had even made an AIP friendly banana cream pie earlier to have after. My stomach didn't agree, and lunch had been late so my husband wasn't hungry for a big meal either so the soup worked well.

Snack: veggie fruit snack at store

I picked up one of those prepackaged fruit and veggie packs in the produce section. I was not hungry at all, but darn medicine...

Driving to pick up the kids was very stressful - on a road I don't travel much on a dark night, with a heavy snow coming down and covering up the road. Thankfully, we picked up the kids and made it home, but it was late so we went to bed.

This morning I woke late due to how I was feeling.

Breakfast: leftover soup

Stomach felt not the best still, but ok.

Lunch: few bites of steak and tea

I was not hungry at all, but knew I should eat something. The tea helped my sore throat.

Dinner: "pizza" (tapioca base with pumpkin sauce and toppings)

I felt hungry starting off the pizza and then I wasn't. I ate some and felt sick after. Maybe the food, but more likely whatever stomach issue is going on. Drinking a seltzer water helped some.

Snack: kiwi

We put the kids to bed. The cravings were tough. I caved. The horrible thing is the food didn't even taste that awesome. At least my stomach is feeling better. Starting over tomorrow.

Friday, February 16, 2018

AIP: Day 7

Yay for waking up fairly easily (and feeling pretty decent)! It helped that the cat never did his crazy 5:00 am routine so I can go watch him eat. Anyone else have that problem? Later, I found out why the cat was sleeping cozily away when I woke. The stinker bugged my 12 year old instead!

Snack: Apple

I met my sister-in-law for a walk this morning so I didn't want a full breakfast until after. We walk more than I probably should (40 minutes). My back was hurting by the end, but it's so nice to get out, walk, and talk.

Breakfast: leftover shrimp stir-fry

Yeah, my dinner became my breakfast. I was hungry after that walk, and had very little time to whip something up before school started.

Lunch: plantain chips with avocado mashed up with lime juice, salt, and coconut milk (yum)

Lunch came about because I was hungry but not hugely so. Plus, I was feeling a bit blah about food, we are at the end of our week (meaning a grocery run is needed), and I didn't want to fuss in the kitchen.

Dinner: a nice sized wall-eye filet with zucchini and mushrooms

Today was a day I so could have ordered pizza. I want something bready. My mood was still a little blah so that definitely didn't help. Having my family on board with no eating out proved its worth tonight. I'm glad because this dinner was so yummy. I love fish. It felt decadent. I snagged the filet on manager's clearance, and for a single person's meal it was cheap "dining out."

As a rule, I do not drink much alcohol, but once in awhile I like to have a drink or share a bottle of wine with my husband or friends. Tonight felt like such a night. Instead, I grabbed one of my husband's lime sparkling waters, poured it in a fancy glass, and amazingly it felt like something special. Not like wine, but good nonetheless. 

Snack: honey chamomile tea frothed up with coconut milk, vanilla, and honey

So yummy! I was feeling a bit cold, and needed something for my medicine, but I hate eating food before bed - the whole heartburn thing. My heartburn has IMMENSELY improved a mere few days into the autoimmune protocol. While I feel a twinge here and there, and one morning woke feeling a bit sore, I have not had to have any over the counter antacids. Isn't it amazing how food affects us?

I also noticed today when I put on my winter coat that it felt looser and I could actually wiggle inside of it without feeling like a stuffed sausage. Here I was thinking I may have to look for yet another larger coat for winter so that's just awesome to feel.

Overall today, energy and focus were decent. I still have an on and off low-intensity headache, but that kind of headache rarely phases me any more, other than to recognize how good I feel without the headache. Cravings were there slightly today as well.

And... It's one week down!

Surprisingly, my gut is hanging in there. I'm excited about this. With the stir-fry I noticed some influence from the cauliflower, but as long as I am eating it sparingly, I think I will be ok. I have a feeling it was one or a combination of three things before causing problems: dairy, raw veggies, or coffee. Time will tell.

I feel like I can really do this.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

AIP: Day 6

Despite going to bed when the kids did, I missed my alarm and woke up later than usual and still felt tired.

Today's Above All (Lenten study from Take Up and Read) reading from Galatians 4:8-9 stood out:

"At a time when you did not know God, you became slaves to things that by nature are not gods; but now that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God, how can you turn back again to the weak and destitute elemental powers? Do you want to be slaves to them all over again?"

And the reflection by Kathryn Whitaker:

"This Lent, He wants you to get on with the business of living, instead of dying. He thirsts for your soul."

Truly, over the past handful of years, I have felt like all I am doing is slowly dying as one bodily system is attacked after another, and I (at times) gave up. Some moments have been worse than others, and I have had some really good moments in there too, but I've slowly lost that sense of living. Instead, I'm existing on some grey in-between. I have hope that by doing the autoimmune protocol I have a tool to assist me in living again. And I don't just want to live again physically! Whether or not it helps, I realize I need to do more listening, more leaning on Him, because only through Him can I truly live.

Ok, on to the physical aspects of the day:

Woke up late and tired, check.

Breakfast: leftover pulled pork and side of veggies (frozen roasted mix)

I just love leftovers for breakfast. No thinking involved and the work is all done.

Peppermint Tea

Lunch: bacon, grapes, snap peas, cucumbers

I felt pretty blah at lunch. The bacon was Applegate. The kids - and cat - were all over me.

Snack: banana

I needed something quick and portable. I was hungry.

Dinner: shrimp stir fry (veggies - mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, snow peas / sauce - coconut aminos, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, lime juice, honey)

Thanks to a dead car battery I ate dinner earlier than expected which was good because I was so hungry. I'm already looking forward to leftovers tomorrow.

Snack: leftover bacon, applesauce

I feel so hungry. Or thirsty? Or both? Headache trying to start up. That may have to do with it.

Also, tonight I realized snap and snow peas are not ok initially on AIP. Oops...

Considering the dull, gloomy, rainy day and my tired start, the day was OK. I'm ready for bed though. ;)